I offer only books I have read and recommend.  Click on the image to purchase a book at Amazon.  Profits go to the Alzheimer’s Family Organization.

The End of Alzheimer’s by Dale E. Bredesen, M.D. – A scientific examination of thirty-six toxins he has identified that he believes cause Alzheimer’s Disease as well as other auto-immune disorders.  Dr. Bredesen has many patient examples of the dramatic affect proper treatment can have on the diseases, especially in the early stages


The Plant Paradox by Steven R. Gundry- An examination of toxins in our food that he believes cause weight gain and diseases including Alzheimer’s Disease.  Following his advice, my wife and I have both experienced dramatic, rapid relief from health issues.  Email me at for more details.


The Plant Paradox Cookbook– a companion book to The Plant Paradox


Grace for the Unexpected Journey by Deborah Barr- A 60-Day Devotional for Alzheimer’s and other Dementia Caregivers.  The forward is by best selling Author Gary Chapman.


Living with Alzheimer’s & Other Dementias– A Chicken Soup for the Soul book.  101 personal stories of real people dealing with dementia or caring for someone with dementia.


Keeping Love Alive As Memories Fade by Deborah Barr, Edward G. Shaw M.D, and Gary Chapman, PhD.- An explanation of how to apply the principles of the best selling book The Five Love Languages to the dementia-caregiver relationship.


My Mom Has Alzheimer’s by Linda A Born- A daily devotional inspired by Linda’s personal experience caring for her mother.


Dear Clueless a Daughter’s Journey Through Alzheimer’s Caregiving by Sandra Savell-The author details her years-long experience being the primary caregiver for her mother.  Not only does she provide practical advice for caring for the Alzheimer’s patient, but deals with the personal and interpersonal aspects of the caregiver’s life. Like taking a little sugar with bitter medicine Sandra uses humor to educate her reader about the difficult journey ahead.  Her book provides great advice, available resources, and humorous encouragement.  A good read.