The Plant Paradox

This book is literally an answer to our prayers. My wife, through prayer, claimed God promised healing for her and me and we believe God led us to this book.

In the Introduction of The Plant Paradox Steven R. Gundry M.D. explains, how health problems including obesity are not your fault. It is not so much how much you eat but more about what you should not eat. Dr. Gundry, a cardiac surgeon, details his patient-centered discovery of what ails us. After years of attempting to help his patients heal and avoid surgery, he has developed a simple strategy that works. It’s working for me and my wife in ways we could not believe.
After years of losing and gaining the same six pounds, I am now dropping weight. I lost thirty pounds during the first ten weeks I followed Dr. Gundry’s advice and my lab results were perfect for the first time in my adult life. In addition, my allergies are gone. The red, burning and watering eyes and plugged sinus are gone along with the five daily over the counter medications I took so I could breathe through my nose. Additionally, the arthritic knees are healing so I can walk across a parking lot more swiftly.

My wife has had serious digestive issues for fifteen years, but within two weeks her condition improved dramatically. After a month of avoiding the toxins, Dr. Gundry identifies in his book, her gut continues to work normally. This after fifteen years of trying everything her doctors offered and every “cure” on the Internet.

Let me quote Dr. Gundry from the introduction, “In the mid-1960s, we have seen a rampant rise in obesity, type 1 and 2 diabetes, autoimmune diseases, asthma, allergies and sinus conditions, arthritis, cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia. Not coincidentally, in the same period, there have been many seemingly imperceptible changes in our diet and the personal care products we use. I’ve discovered a significant part of the answer to the mystery of why our collective health has declined and our collective weight has risen so drastically in just a few decades….”
If you have any of these conditions or you just want to avoid one of these illnesses, read his book. After following Dr. Gundry’s advice, like us, you may feel as if you have “turned back the clock” on your body.


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